Spa Essence Retreat specializes in hair removal services for both women and men. When following a regular waxing routine, long-term benefits are achieved. The hair grows back finer and slower, while some hair does not grow back at all. You’ll find that maintenance becomes easier and faster. Waxing also has exfoliating properties and you will benefit from smoother, more radiant skin!

Women’s Waxing

  • Brow Starting at $15.00
  • Lip Starting at $15.00
  • Chin Starting at $15.00
  • Under Arm Starting at $25.00
  • Bikini Starting at $35.00
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Male Hair Removal

  • Chest Starting at $40.00
  • 1/2 Leg Starting at $40.00
  • Full LegStarting at $60.00
  • Full Face Starting at $45.00
  • Men’s Back Starting at $65.00
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